Elul True Stories Series: A Heartbreaking Story! (River of Glory sect, cult in NLD and GRC)

Elul True Stories Series: A Heartbreaking Story!
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Elul True Stories Series: Saved From A Car Crash (2)
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During the month of Elul, I’m sharing a few stories I haven’t shared before to a large audience. This is one of my approaches this year to prepare myself for the
Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe. You can read about it in Vayikra (Leviticus) 23:23–32.

The Days of Awe starts with Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets, better known as
Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year and finalizes on Kippur (also named Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement). In the month of Elul, the month before  Rosh Hashanah,we prepare by having a spiritual 'clean-up'. We clean ourselves through thorough introspection and teshuvah (repentance) from different kinds of personal and emotional heaviness. In the spirit of the Days of Awe I'd like to share a personal story.


8 to 9 years ago when I wasn’t a rabbi yet but preparing myself for rabbinical office, I met a very nice and attractive young man, lets call him John Doe.

How we met each other is a story in and of itself, I will not go into this. A beautiful ‘chemistry’ surrounded us and we soon discovered we had much in common, including what people articulate as a ‘calling’. He was Christian and connected to the Navigators, which is a Christian student organization, in Leiden, one of the university cities in The Netherlands.

He had a pastoral type of leadership position within the organization. John Doe knew he was called to become a pastor one day and lead a community, to heal the brokenhearted and to be an inspiration to many. He was preparing himself for pastoral office. We had the same vision for life, international aspiration and the will to serve HaShem and His people.

Like most of us John Doe was connected to various social circles. An elderly Charismatic woman lets call her Jane Doe from Winterswijk (The Netherlands) was part of one of his circles. I became acquainted with her but soon joy turned into a true nightmare. She saw that John and I get along really well and subsequently used everything in her emotional quiver to keep us separate.
For example, by literally standing between us, by whenever he spoke to me call him away from me for last minute ‘pressing matters’. Also by manipulatively bring him into the presence of another young lady, lets call her Josseline Doe. This was possible because John Doe became an increasing active presence within this circle. Jane could not accept the idea that a white man like John would have a girlfriend of color and eventually his would-be wife like me. Jane overtly wanted to match him with Josseline, a white blond young lady whom I’ve met too. I’ve even met her parents and was during one occasion allowed to stay over in their home in Dinxperlo (The Netherlands).

To my liking Jane (scroll down for media coverage concerning her sect) had a very witch-like manipulative grip on John. She even persuade him to distance himself and break any contact with his own parents and other relatives. This was very disconcerting to me.
Her ruse apparently worked. Eventually in one way or another she achieved her objective by directing John only to be an active presence in that particular social circle. Slowly but steady John and I were growing apart. In any case, I was clearly not wanted in that particular fellowship and was basically kept out from his presence in a variety of ways, because John had to keep up with all sorts of important "projects" together with Jane and Josseline .

Josseline Doe doesn’t have any pastoral, shepherd-like capabilities.
Her qualities lies in music. She is a talented musician. She sings beautifully and plays guitar skillfully.

A rabbinical or pastoral position, such as that of rabbi or pastor requires totally different qualities and skills than people who are musicians. Rabbis and pastors perceive people and listen to people in a completely different fashion than others. Josseline cannot hold pastoral conversations because it's not part of her makeup. We all have our own unique qualities, skills and talents.


The Predictive Dream

At one point I got a very clear dream. In that dream, I saw Jane standing with John on her left side and Josseline a stone's throw away from them. In the dream, I saw Jane throwing into the fire the destination, life, happiness, marriage, prosperity, ‘calling’ and even future children represented by fetuses of John and me while John was watching. In the dream it was clear that this was about OUR life, OUR future together and the various elements thereof. Jane Doe laughed sardonically. After everything was destroyed by the fire Jane directed John to stand next to Josseline. This happened and that was the end of the dream.

The End

After this dream others and myself (including the parents of John and Josseline) received word that John and Josseline were married unexpectedly very early in the morning on a Shabbat, Saturday morning (Jane knows I’m Jewish). Jane had pronounced the blessings over them and soon they would marry in a town hall. This without the presence of family and friends from by that point former social circles, because nobody else was welcome. This was a very outlandish message that caused many emotional shock waves and deep wounds even to this day!

These are several written phrases but after many years it still incredibly hurts. John and I could have been married for 7 to 8 years now. I eventually would have become a Messianic Rabbi and he a Messianic Pastor (he is not Jewish). The same rabbis would have given him the Messianic Pastor smikhah. We would have been a beautiful couple who would have led a community together.

HaShem continues with my destination in life and I believe He is preparing another man for me. I still encounter lots of grieve of what happened over 7 years ago. It cut a very deep wound and yes an entire life, a destiny and a wonderful marriage thrown into the fire just like the dream predicted. I pray again that HaKodesh Baruch Hu will completely heal my heart in the last weeks of 5777. This will enable me to love another man again with my entire heart.

This story goes a lot further and much deeper than the ramifications of a failed love story,
I hope you can perceive this. I further hope that John, Josseline and even Jane will soon wake up from this terrible "hypnosis sleep" and nightmare they've been part of for many years! Well, I have broken the years of silence over the mentioned cascading events. I do not have further need to talk to journalists in various media about this subject.

This is all I want to share concerning this horrid history.

Talking about my skin color, I’m actually partially white myself, even ‘Hollander-white’, since there are various white Dutch people in my direct family line. They came from Amsterdam, North-Holland. Racism is the biggest nonsense that every became part of the human consciousness because we ALL are a mixture of AT LEAST two ethnicities!

I’ve written two articles about racism (Dutch, I did not translate them into English yet):

Why I could never become a sect leader

I’ve never really been in this sect, I wasn’t even welcome because Jane didn’t like me at all. However, I’ve visited this fellowship several times and thus was able to observe a lot.
I am not in any way affiliated to them and strongly distant myself from their ideology and operations.
This is based on Christianity, but at the same time they trample upon many Christian fundamentals.

I'm connected to Messianic Judaism which is a denomination of Judaism.
Judaism elevates freedom of expression, free will, critical thinking and the ability to *ask questions as one of the most important pillars of religious experience. When these are compromised that marks the end of freedom.When there is no freedom, by default this means that the Almighty is blasphemed and mankind, that is the **image of God, defaced!

*Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 1:18, Yehoshua (Joshua) 4:20-22,
Matityahu (Matthew) 7:7

**Beresheet (Genesis) 1:26

I strongly believe in these pillars and could never develop into a sect leader or be sectarian in any way form or fashion. I have a genuine love for people and the willingness to listen to other opinions and views. Through the painful story that I've shared with you I'm even better capable to help the *brokenhearted and above all people who have been in the same situation. Through these past events I've been given even more knowledge in the methods, techniques and characteristics of those who want to rule over people and control every area of their lives.

*Tehilim (Psalm) 147:3


A Higher Standard for Messianic Judaism in The Netherlands and Belgium

At the moment I'm the only Messianic Rabbi in The Netherlands because the first one, mister Lion Erwteman, has resigned int he first quarter of 2017. In my opinion Messianic Judaism has a much higher moral-ethical and religious standard than that of sects and cults who bend Jewish Biblical concepts.
We Messianic believers have a higher calling and a higher standard in our religious experience and I want to continue to contribute to this.

I'm connected to Messianic Judaism which is a denomination of Judaism. This means I believe in the strengthening and empowering of religious people who connect themselves to the God of Israel as described in the Tanakh (OT) and with, in our view Jewish Messiah (Yeshua ben Yosef) as described in the Brith Chadashah (NT). I strengthen and enrich Messianic and Christian believers above all in my yeshiva through which I offer
Torah observant education
. The Torah is the Covenant HaShem gave to us and the basis for the instructions given by the writers and key people of the Brith Chadashah (NT).

Through my yeshiva, Messianic Yeshiva Talmud Torateinu Institute, people can choose separate courses (not yet available in English). These are downloaded on their computer after payment. People can also choose one of the full studies (not yet available in English):


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        I wish you all a very meaningful and thorough preparation for the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe!


        Rabbi Sipporah Joseph

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